4 Tips to Cure Procrastination & How to Create Good Habits

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A really big killer in pretty much anything whether it’s writing a book a piece of artwork paying a bill responding back to an email or text, is Procrastination.

That’s a mighty big word and can make or break a thought process, an idea, a streak or heck it can even ruin a friendship believe it or not. Usually people that procrastinate have a whole string of excuses, I was sick, or I am sick, or so-and-so came over and I couldn’t get to it right away, or I really wanted to but. Starting to get the picture.

Yeah I think procrastination is evil in the fact that it literally can cause a stumbling block for a million different things that can be great! So in this blog I want to cover five tips to cure procrastination and how to create good habits so you can avoid procrastination like the plague, innocence giving yourself a vaccination against procrastination.

Tip Number 1) Write it down

One thing I saw that was very common in 90% of the entrepreneurs, and what I learned from books that I’ve read, videos I’ve seen, blogs written and websites that I visited. Even talking one-on-one with some of them, is every single one of them as far as I know, and from what I was told they write things down.

They make a list of what they need to do for the day, they have their goals written down. Short-term goals and they have long-term goals.

Because that’s actually a psychological thing, your brain subconsciously will hold you accountable to a written list. One thing I wonder though, why does it seem so impossible to pick up a pen that weighs 12 grams, or I actually don’t know how much a pen weighs. Because doing that will set you on a right track!

One very common mistake that people make is they think that they can contain those daily goals in their head, in which that is so not true.

What will happen is they’ll start out thinking yeah I’m going to do this! I know what I want to do, it’s right here in the old Noggin, so I’m just going to carry out my plans and it’s going to be awesome!….thud!

And then what happens is you start out gangbusters! OK Whoo Hoo! Going to start with this cool awesome thing, (hiccup) then I’m going do this,.(hiccup).. Then do that.. (hiccup).. A little bit,.(hiccup).. And then your computer Bing bongs you, or your phone makes a little ding a ding noise, or you see something on your computer that catches your eye, (hiccup, hiccup, hiccup,)… There’s always a number of things that are going to draw you away from what your daily goals and intentions are, And because you didn’t make a list, an actual physical list. You slowly get pulled away from those Go-Get-Em Goals!

Well as anyone knows when you don’t adhere to what you need to do it sucks, and it sucks because you’re going to lag in what you want to do. And the most important thing in your goals and plans and dreams is what you need to do to carry those out no one is going to do it for you.

No one’s going to set your canvas on your easel, no one’s going to mix up the colors of paints that you need, no one’s going to pop that idea into your head but you! So as far as what you want to put on canvas, or paper, or whatever it is you’re the one that’s creating your art.

Especially if your art is a business, if you brought it to a point where that’s putting Bread on your table then it’s vitally important that those goals and plans have a set time to do them.

Which brings me to my next point.

So please make it a habit to write things down!

Tip Number 2) Be Strict on Your Time

My next point is make sure that your designated area to do your art or whatever it is you’re doing. Again especially if it’s your business, you can’t let people just invade your space because it’s your work area.

Just like a job or any place of employment they aren’t going to allow people off the street to come in, hangout, BS, make phone calls, and chit chat with you if you’re supposed to be consistent and doing your job, the employers are going to get quite upset.

That’s why I think it’s vitally important when you’re creating- doing your craft drawing or painting, or writing or singing, or playing music, or whatever it is. That you have your own space to do that in. And when you have your own space, also make damn sure that you have a designated time that you’re going to be doing your work.

And as far as the people in your life, you need to make sure they know that.

That’s why I say be strict on your time, just like a job which this doesn’t have to sound so mundane and shackling like a job is. It definitely doesn’t have to be. Because this is something that you enjoy doing, this is something you’re good at, so good in fact that you’ve grown it to a level of being a professional.

I remember when I had my tattoo company and friends would stop in from time to time, but if I was tattooing on somebody or in my office drawing a picture for somebody that needed a tattoo. If somebody came in to shoot the you-know-what with me I gave them maybe five minutes, and let them know that right now, I’m busy and you know where I live, I get off at this time we can definitely talk then, or maybe have a coffee or whatever.

Because when you’re a professional at what you do people are going to pick up on that and they’re going to respect that if they respect you. So when you lay down the law and you let them know hey I’m doing this right now and this time is designated to do this, this is what I chose so please respect my wishes in that, and I will definitely make time for you.

And of course don’t say it in a way to where you tick-off especially the people that love and care for you, you just say it with Authority. And this is what you, do just like what they do so same/same fair/fair.

Be strict on your time as it is just as important as theirs.

Tip Number 3) Keep The Big Picture in Your Head

The next tip to cure procrastination number three is to keep the big picture in your head. That vision of where you want your business headed, that’s another thing I learned from talking with people who are very successful, you envision where you want to be, and you have that in your brain all the time.

Kind of like a big wild cat! As it creeps up, stalking its prey! You’ve seen that on Wild animal kingdom or whatever nature show. It creeps up ever so slowly, but if you look at its eyes they don’t divert, and they don’t blink, and they have that 1000 yard stare..focused That’s their prize and they’re going to have it nothing is going to get in the way of that, that’s why they approach slowly and quietly and like I said they don’t take their eyes off of what they want.

I believe that same mindset is very important when you want to achieve success with your art, you’re writing, or music. Whether you’re an internet marketer which I am and I love it. But when you develop that mindset to where nothing is going to get in your way and you’re going to get what it is you’re after you’re going to find yourself doing things in a whole different way, because your approach is different.

Like for example let’s take a Motocross rider and a person who just likes to ride their 10 speed through the park. The person who likes to ride there 10 speed they’re just riding, feeling the breeze, enjoying the weather, and the sites, it’s invigorating and they love it! That’s why they’re doing it, it’s not going to make them money, it’s not going to gain them fame, it’s just going to give them pleasure and exercise.

Now you take the Motocross rider who is in a competition against other Motocross Riders. I’m sure he/she enjoys this, most of them do because it’s fun no I’ve never been a Motocross rider but I have ridden dirt bikes and it’s a lot of fun. But when you’re doing it for a competition to Win a lot of money, a trophy, recognition, fame, glory, all that goes with it, your mindset is different. Your mindset is on everything that you need to do to physically handle that bike so it responds in a way that it doesn’t harm you and gives you the best distance with the most accuracy so that you can race ahead of your opponents hit those moguls, jumps, and turns just right to make it to the finish line unscathed.

Two similar vehicles but one for pleasure like a hobby, and the other one to make money a living possibly even a success. So do you see the difference why it’s important to keep the big picture in your head? I guarantee the motocross racer has the big picture in his head yes as he’s going through that race he’s paying attention to every single little detail in the aspect of the race, probably like a big 90 inch Jumbotron TV in his head, he can see the big picture and receiving that Trophy, and people spraying champagne all over him, and that huge fat paycheck and everything that goes along with that!

Like I learned from successful people envisioning your success is very important very very important!

Tip Number 4) Get/ Be Excited!

The final tip in my blog about procrastination and this one’s really important! I mean not more important than anything else that I’ve talked about, but so important because it helps tie everything else together.

Be excited! this is your baby! you have learned, trained, spent hours doing semi-crappy artwork, and watching it progress, I know I have. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying your artwork is crap, or my artwork is crap but you’re very first drawing unless you’re a child prodigy or whatever I’m sure it wasn’t like what you’re drawing or painting now, and that’s a practice that took learning from people who are great, that took paying attention to different techniques, that took studying this and that and honing your craft to the point where it is for lack of a better word perfection.

That’s something to be excited, about and to be able to use so many mediums now days to share it with the world that’s freaking exciting! This day and age you can build websites, jump on blogs, chat rooms, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest ,or linked In. There’s like I don’t know how many others those are the four main ones I use oh and I forgot to mention YouTube as I have a YouTube channel that I also just love making videos.

But I think the days of the starving artist are not like the days of old of the starving artist, there is so many avenues that somebody can take to get their art out there to the masses, that there’s really no excuse in the fact that I can’t do this or that.

To me that’s not really in my vocabulary I actually enjoy a challenge. But it’s so important to be excited about what you do, it’s so important to be excited about what it’s going to bring to the beholder of what you do, it’s so important to be excited about the success that it’s going to bring you, it’s so important to be excited about the life that it’s going to give you, I mean if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t really know what will.

so if you look at the four things that I’ve talked about here when you got all that going on there’s really no room for procrastination. In my opinion procrastination is an evil dream stealing succubus that should be flushed down the world’s biggest toilet.

I’m also an affiliate marketer and I will sign up referrals from time to time and I work with them provided that they take their business serious, one thing that takes the wind out of my sail in accordance to them, is they treat me like a boss! Seriously that’s so the wrong mentality, I’m not the boss I’m a guy that gave you an opportunity to explore your horizons and make a life for yourself, I’m the guy that said he will help you if you need help, if you’re actually making that effort to move forward in your business.

So it really ticks me off when I hear your excuses like oh we had this to do, or I was sick, or am sick, if I was the boss I would probably fire somebody with crap like that. But then again my mindset is completely different in accords to my business, and my mindset is also completely different when I hear sheer BS on a silver platter and they expect me to dine on that and smile with crap stained teeth! Let me tell you this my friend, that ain’t going to happen.

They’re not going to push their procrastination off on me because I’m Excited! I compile a list daily! I have the big picture in mind! and I definitely have the location and time set aside! and the people that know me know that, I will not allow people to infringe on me running my business.


And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a jerk I’m driven, I’m focused, I’m not playing games. Yes in the past I am very guilty of being a procrastinator! that’s why I learned not to be. It didn’t get me any results. Zero!

Thank you for reading my blog please comment and like and subscribe I promise more content and videos are coming soon of me doing a few spray paintings and a bunch of other stuff, plus I have some really amazing artist that I’m going to be interviewing. I am in negotiations to make time to have them come in and interview, because their business has their set hours, so we have to make time between the two measures together that’s just how it works, business to business you have to respect what their schedule is, and they have to work with yours. I love what I do! It is awesome and exciting!

thank you for visiting and reading please feel free to comment and hit like and I would love you to subscribe for subscribers I have an original reprint of my art signed for free! Plus I would love to get to know each and every one of you I’m a people person, Yes I love people!


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