Become A Successful Artist

This article is going to be point-blank, blunt and may even hurt a little. As it is never my intention to hurt anyone. I have nothing but respect for artists, the things they can do with their minds, hands, and Imagination. This article is about how to become a successful artist. But the word success

Wooden Art Easel

Product: Creative Mark Carolina Artist’s H-Frame Wooden Studio Art Easel Review Price: $149.99 (retail) Cheapest Place to Buy: Size: Base (22″x 24″) Adjusts from 60″ to 102″ Max height Shipping: Choice of free shipping at checkout My Rating: Pro-Quality As promised I will deliver the best that I can find so that you can achieve


Hi everyone and welcome to my Spray-n-play website. Art has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a young kid and throughout the years I have studied and learned various aspects of it. Anything from sketching, wood carving, sculpting, spray paint art, even music. Was born in Texas to two parents