Become A Successful Artist

This article is going to be point-blank, blunt and may even hurt a little.

As it is never my intention to hurt anyone. I have nothing but respect for artists, the things they can do with their minds, hands, and Imagination.

This article is about how to become a successful artist.

But the word success I’m using is not in the same sense that I’m sure many of you have heard it used before.

So on that note here we go let’s begin.

Let’s define success-And The Properties Of It

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary describes it as such:

(Compliments of Webster via Google search)

Success | Definition of Success by Merriam-Webster

: the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame. : the correct or desired result of an attempt. : someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds.

We’re going to focus on this part of that definition, “the correct or desired result of an attempt. : someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds”

Sure it would be easy to just end this portion of my article with that description and call it good.

But I’m not going to do that because I think we need to Define it even further.

I’m about to paint a little scenario and let’s see if you can identify with it.

As an artist we get a picture in our head from something that inspires us whether its a song or a vision or a movie or somebody else’s picture or a smell or taste or combination of a bunch of different things.

So then our mind gets to work to try to paint that picture or sketch it or carve it mold it whatever Avenue we choose to express our artistic ability and we try to make its stand before us thus lies the challenge.

And when you get it to the point of laying it out in pen paint or ink or however you do it, because you’re not just going to slap this thing out willy-nilly.

You’re going to apply your learned skill to the best of your ability and then after its completed I know I do this you definitely going to judge it.

And the wind to beat all when somebody else has a look at it, and they either like it or have something to say critically about it or they hate it.

It’s really that simple if somebody likes your work they’re going to praise it they’re going to want others to see it, and if they don’t like it they’re probably still going to want others to see it so they can ridicule and laugh at it.

I think that’s why a lot of artists strive to make things look real or complete. Have you ever heard the term it has that “finished look”

So the point I’m trying to make your is Success isn’t always about money, in my opinion I think success starts with putting down something that’s quality, something that can be appreciated by not only yourself but others and hopefully many, many others.

So the building blocks of the properties of success are the qualities and the hard work and craftsmanship that you put into each piece.

Because believe it or not the attitude of success comes from that first thought and implementation of creating that image that your mind’s eye has already pictured. And your hands have given Life to.


The Only Success You Need-Is YOU

A lot of times people will try to copy someone else’s artwork, and sadly enough put their name on it and claim it as theirs. To me this is terrible! Plus its a crime, that’s why we have copy write infringement laws to guard against this kind of thing, and even with that it still happens.

And I promise you there is no way you can be successful or anyone could be successful doing this, because success starts in the mind.

As described by our definition of success earlier in this article.

And I know a person will feel much better about what they put down if its 100% there’s and not copied from someone else.

And believe me I know and every single person’s mind with all their experiences what they’ve seen and heard, and been a part of or just even in a brief passing by of something it all feeds into your subconscious and it all stirs together in that Boiling Pot that we call a brain and creates billions of images.

Here is a funny thought in a lot of instances I think that’s where abstract comes from the common name images some making sense and some not but in that artist Minds I it is a complete mess it is a story it is a statement or a feeling that they want to portray that they want to lay down on canvas and to me that’s just awesome.

Have you ever watched trains go by and you look at the artwork that’s graffiti ed on the side of them, I love taking that in its just incredible art and its a shame that they’re defacing something that doesn’t belong to them to do it but I do appreciate it because some of those artists are amazing!

It may be a crime what they’re doing and that’s a shame but at the same time they are being themselves and laying out their creation I’ve literally gotten lost trying to figure out how they put some of those designs down, they’re down confusing on some of them but absolutely beautiful.

So literally you have it in you already to create very beautiful, whether its abstract contemporary art or whatever it is, its all you capiche?



Now To Monetize Your Success

This Parts going to be fairly short and simple, and I’m sure many of you have already done this or tried it.

Start out local, we all have family we all have friends those family members and friends no other friends and family members. Start small show your family your art, they’re the ones that are going to be the most honest with you and even critical.

Check around the town or city you live in and see where people will hold bazaars. There are a couple spots in my town where I live where right outside of a supermarket every once in a while farmers will go out there and sell some of their equipment or they’ll have kind of an out of the trunk garage sale if you will to sell certain items.

If I remember correctly you don’t need a license to sell your artwork out in a section like this, its not a sanctioned event. It’s just a good way for you to get some exposure, exploiting your work your talents and who you are and it happens fairly quickly. If people like what you paint, draw, sketch, mold, or whatever they’re going to buy your work, they’re going to make requests, and they’re going to tell their friends and family.

And come on if its all you and you put your all into it and you give it the best quality you can they’re going to like it.

I thought people were just being nice when they told me they liked my very first spray paint art paintings, it was hard for me at first to accept that they genuinely liked it and they weren’t just being polite.

It’s a cool way to make some extra money and to get some exposure and to get known depending on the size of town you live in the buzz is going to go all over about you and what you can do. Next thing you know people are going to have your artwork probably posted in their home or hanging on their wall. That’s all went for me the new they weren’t just being polite they really liked it!


Social Media Is Always Your Friend

And as always I saved the best for last, and its really simple.

Most of us nowadays my Facebook account, and not to sound mean but if you don’t your kind of living in the Dark Ages, which is fine because if you absolutely want nothing to do with Facebook that isn’t for me to judge or say anything about.

I just know that you can accomplish a lot of media coverage using Facebook as there are billions of people on Facebook nowadays.

And this isn’t an article on how to sell on Facebook, this is just saying that you can use that platform to help you gain some exposure and exploitation of your work.

With your own personal profile you can have something very simple like “hey I painted this what do you think?”

And people will respond they will tell you whether they like it or not more than likely they’re going to say they love it and its really cool or whatever and they’re going to ask how they can get it.

The Best advice, if you Can afford it, is to try to get a professional quality picture of your work you like I said even if you have to pay a professional photographer for some studio time to get pictures of your work.

It’s just going to really help you to sell it all the more because you want it in the best lighting you don’t want glare and you don’t want it to look like you took it with a Polaroid one-step for any of you that remember what that

Believe me if you presented in this light with this professional quality people are going to see that you think highly of your work and why shouldn’t you. You put the time and effort into creating it so it should be presented in the best light, and not to sound greedy but it should go to the highest bidder because you deserve it.


These Steps Will Help

So believe me if you follow these steps and you believe in yourself and your artwork there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make money gradually leading up to the point of where some would say you were successful with your art.

I’m not saying you’re going to be a millionaire overnight or even in the next month or year but I am saying that the more exposure you get and the more pieces you sell you’re going to be a household word to me that’s successful.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you found it informative as well as enjoyable.

And as always please feel free to comment or ask any questions that you may have.


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