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Hello I’m pretty excited today because I’m finally able to get this high-quality spray paint on my site because this is what the pros are using I’ve seen hundreds of videos where they’re using Montana Black spray paint.

This is the cream of the crop, using this paint is going to give you that high quality look in your art I can guarantee it!

I remember the first time I watch the video of this gentleman he was so fast when he was putting his cans back and pulling them out and putting them back, I couldn’t quite make out what type of paint he was using I just knew it wasn’t what I was using. And I couldn’t figure out why his lines and his streams and everything were like so precise and perfect.

And I should have known right then and there that it was the grade of paint that he was using but I’ve always been a pretty stubborn person so I just kept going back into my paint lab and throwing down another plane sheet a poster board and laying in some paint and doing my techniques that I had learned.

Well I kept improving on my techniques the grade and quality and the color the vibrancy that I was looking for just wasn’t quite there.

And as a person with OCD I had to have it look the best that I was going for. Of course, I think that’s anyone that’s working on a piece of artwork

I’m going to break this review. The four parts to show why this product definitely stands behind its name with the quality that it produces.


The Correct Pressure

Obviously when you’re doing your art you want to have control over how it comes out, and how it looks.

Like me personally, and I’m sure everyone else hates paint spatter!

Sometimes there’re ways to fix that, but sometimes I would just as soon tear up the painting and start over!

And there’re times when spatter is okay because you kind of want to achieve that look maybe stars or something galaxy like.

But most of the time spatter is an unwanted enemy when your spray painting art.

What regulates the proper pressure with what you’re trying to achieve in your art is that Montana black spray paint has several removable tips, some that have larger openings, and some with smaller openings, and also ones that have a wide kind of fan-shaped opening for broader strokes.

Just that difference right there would have been worlds apart from the art that I was laying down. Being able to spray those nice thin lines for contour, and shape, and highlights and dark cast.

Out Door Proof~Any Weather

I don’t know about you and what state you live in maybe it’s a nice tropical climate type state but me I live in a state where we get all seasons nice Summer’s but they’re short, and we have fall or autumn, and then we have winter.

That’s another reason why this is high-quality spray paint, because you can use it in any weather-okay correction, I don’t recommend using it in a rainstorm. I mean you can try it but your paintings probably going to look like crap..lol

But that’s a really nice feature of this paint because it could be below zero out and it won’t affect the flow of your paint or the consistency of mixture of it.

My paint lab is insulated and it’s shielded

from the outside elements but there’re times where it’s pretty darn cold in there, even with a heater, so I really like this particular feature, because I can still go out there and make some really quality pieces and the weather won’t affect it.

That’s pretty awesome because then there’s nothing stopping me from going and laying down what I want to.


There Are 100’s of Colors-Plus

There are literally hundreds of colors to choose from that Montana black offers in there spray paint line.

I’ve used other types of spray paints but I’ve never seen that amount of color variations.

So you can literally paint anything you want any shade you want multiple shades, gradients, hues, contrasts.

Not only are there hundreds of colors to choose from, but they also have textured paint, glitter effect, crackle effect, marble effect, Granite effect, night glow effect, and varnish spray you aren’t going find that with any other lower grade spray paint.


You Can Use It In Doors

This paint is environmentally friendly, they uphold with the highest environmental, and Eco standard regulations.

It’s CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons)

and Lead free. Means safe. But of course always use your respirator and when using any spray paint, also make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area, it just makes good sense.

But like I said at the beginning of this review it’s not just pretty paint for art, it’s high quality spray paint.

So not only are you able to lay down the most vibrant colorful beautiful picture that you can imagine up, but also you’re going to be using something that’s environmentally friendly non-toxic, to the highest standards that you can get from a spray paint.


That’s Why I’m Excited

Because I can offer that here! And like I say anytime I do a product review, if you already have what you like, and you like using then don’t feel any obligation to buy it please.

Because foremost I want people to feel comfortable on this site, I wanted to be an artist platform that we can all communicate with each other with what we’re into art-wise.

I hope you like my review, please feel free to comment I would love to hear from you, and also if you have used Montana black spray paint and you have any pointers or tips or anything to add that I may have missed in this review please I would love to have you share it here pros or cons.

Thanks for reading



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