Improve Your Art Skills-Feeling Good About Your Work

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Where ever you are with your art, whether it be a beginner or a seasoned accomplished veteran. It is always important to enjoy what you are creating. I want to show you how to improve your art skills. And there are many ways to do that! As an artist for over 40 years I have found that, that creative spark ignites when you are having fun with your art. Which automatically will in turn improve your art skills!

You may be a sketch artist, an oil painter, a wood carver, a musician or like I was for many years a tattoo artist. And now a spray paint artist. Which I love!! It doesn’t matter what your creative genius is, I mean it does matter, but what I am trying to say here is “Own It” make it 100% yours! Embrace it! And I promise you beholders of your work will feel it!

You will carry it with you the rest of your life and possibly pass it down to your loved ones. It will be something that will become, in a sense immortal that will have a life of its own. Have you ever looked at a piece of art and thought “I would have done this or the artist should have done that” I know I have! I may be wrong but seeing stuff like that tells me they weren’t totally into their piece! To Me that’s a tragedy! As someone passionate about art I want to help any and all that I can from doing that! So I am going to break it down into 4 elements that may help fellow artists and art lovers.



Your Environment-Your Playground

Create your masterpieces in an area that You can feel comfortable in. The right lighting and what’s on the walls will help influence what you lay down on canvas, carve or play. Space is also very important, make sure you have plenty of room to move about your piece and also for your supplies that are highly needed to accomplish your masterpiece!

I like to clean up right after I am done with a piece because the next time I want to paint I won’t have to “Look for that sponge or favorite brush” It will be right in its neat little spot, and I can go right into my flow and have more fun, just that small adjustment right there will improve your art skills and make the whole experience a lot more fun.



That’s the whole point of this anyways right? Being able to let your imagination run wild and create beautiful wild spectacular things that speak to you, and you can look into what you’ve created and get lost in another world and swim deep into what your mind and hands have made! That’s huge to me! I am getting excited all over again just writing this.

       Your Atmosphere-Your Mood Substance

I know I am moved by music, as is anyone I’m sure. I have to have something playing when I am working on a piece. And you can laugh at me I like to play Jazz when I am painting. The reason is there really isn’t a lot of lyrics in Jazz so it just plays and I feel lighter and more inspired to create.

Now I am not saying if you listen to Jazz this is going to improve your art skills. (chuckles) I am saying listen to what makes you feel good and puts you in a happy mood, something that takes you to that place where you feel safe and confident like your the only one in the world at that moment free to splash, spray, spread, carve or sketch.

Put to the test what I am saying here, Do a piece with music and do one without and see what one turns out the best. Again I want to reiterate that I am not saying “My way” is the right way, I’m saying that if you may be struggling or experiencing a block, these methods will help improve your art skills to a point that can only go up from there.

Inspiration-Break The Block      

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Have you ever had it in your head what you are going to do and when your all set to make it happen you find yourself staring down at a blank canvas for what seems like an eternity! Well I know I have and it sucks! So I do what I can to avoid that

In your studio or wherever you create try to have many diverse images on your walls and even if you can manage the ceiling. Stuff that gives you anything but a blank canvas staring contest with the canvas because that blank canvas will always

If you saw in my house on My walls are pictures all over every wall, I may not be a great interior decorator but I am necessarily inspired. My art studio is the same, all around me stuff to look at that keeps those imaginary juices flowing, and it doesn’t even necessarily have to help topic your piece. It just has to offer you a snippet or a glimpse. Anything that aids in your creative flow.

Your Comfort Zone-Step Out

The last thing in this article that helps me to improve my art skills, is I am constantly evolving when I can. What I mean by that is You may be a for instance a graffiti artist. Try doing a caricature or still life, that doesn’t mean leave graffiti art it means when You go to do your next graffiti piece you will have a new outlook and possibly your art may take an evolutionary turn.

I know that over the years for me I have tried my hand at different things like Architecture, watercolor, clay molds, wood carving, engraving, glass etching, and wire sculptures just to name a few. What this has done for my art, it gives me a different perspective and angle on many approaches. What can I say except I really do love art!

I hope that My article has inspired you, Helped you, Given you something to take with you and expand on what you already have!

I learned a long time ago when I was about 13 years old from a guy I will never forget who inspired me so powerfully that here in my 50 years on this earth I can still vividly see what that young guy drew in seconds. Before I met him I used to try to be in competition with other artists, feeling jealous because someone could draw better than I could.

That guy with his humbled nature and highly skilled hand taught me it isn’t about feeling competitive, its about putting your heart down on paper or canvas having that vision that only you can see, and sharing it with the world! That is a gift to the beholder. So this is my gift to you and commemorative to my young friend from the 9th grade.


Create-Share Your Heart With The World 

Everyone of us is a unique You! So what you create is piece of you laid out in art form. Do you think world-famous singers sing from their feet? No! They sing from their Heart!

So Doesn’t it make sense to put You in a great mood before you sit down to lay it all out there bare and uncovered for the world to see? Don’t get me wrong I understand that some pieces aren’t all sunshine and roses, but the way you put it out there in my opinion should be flow-worthy, not choppy or disoriented.

Summed up

  1. Your Environment-Neat and clean and visually inviting.
  2. Atmosphere-Listen to music you like.
  3. Inspiration-Images to keep the mind flowing.
  4. Step out of your comfort zone-Try different things art wise.





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