Having that Perfect Edge

A very crucial component when creating your own spray paint art stencil for your own next piece
of art, depending on what type of paint you are using, whether it be, a high priced aerosol
paint, or a more affordable brand, per your own budget.

Is having proper stencils, that will
hold up to the abuse they are going to undergo. Not every piece requires a stencil, but it is
nice to know when you need one just in case. So I am going to go over how to make spray paint
art stencils so you will be ready when you need one or several for your own next great work of





























I actually enjoy the whole process from the beginning to the end. It’s a nice feeling knowing your fully stocked and ready to create anything that your heart desires. And that includes in this instance making spray paint art stencils, and let me warn you ahead of time if your anything like me your going to want to make quite a few of them. I think I have somewhere around 20, but for me that isn’t near enough (smiles.)


So without further ado let’s dig right in and get you going on this, for me it is a lot of fun. I hope it is for you as well, let’s see. (smiles)


Drawing Your Stencil Out First



Now there are many ways you can do this, and I have probably done all or most of them, because I want my art to reflect the best outcome. Who doesn’t right?

So in this description we are going to focus on a basic one, so you can grasp how this process works, and trust me once you get it, and again if your anything like me you’ll be unstoppable and will become a spray paint art stencil creating maniac..lol

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you want to create, and cast that illusion or shadow mixed with reality and surrealism.

So we’re going to make a cloud stencil because their fun to make and I’m quite sure some pictures you create will have a sky in them, so in enters the “cloud” You can go online to get a picture of a cloud or clouds and photo copy and print it out.

Keep in mind that what is to be cut out, is the negative space where the paint is to fall into. And no you don’t need to cut out this whole cloud just choose a section that will give you a decent natural casting of a cloud segment which you can overlap and double in some spots, as you will see in an example of that overlap technique later down in this article.















Let’s Make Some Clouds

Me, I like to draw my own, this is just a preference thing, and maybe your like me and you wanna draw yours too. The trick with finding one on line or drawing one out is you don’t want to make it too complex, because your going to have to cut this thing out.

I have included a picture of one here that you could use, it has nice layers and contrasts that we will be borrowing from.

Paint Endurance Tough Stencil Material

After you have your cloud drawn or printed out, the next step is making sure you have good stiff card stock, or poster board to make your stencil out of, and an Xacto knife, or small disposable carpet knife, for this I buy the most cost effective ones at my local convenience store.












The little plastic knives with the break away blades, I usually get 20 at a time their like 2 – 3  dollars a piece.

I like to spend as little as possible when I can, and it doesn’t take away from the quality of my work, in this case it really doesn’t, and I like to have plenty on hand to make sure I am able to do what I need to, to make my art the best it can be.

I also like to cut my stencil on a tempered piece of glass because its smoother without debris which is nice because once you start cutting especially on nice curves you don’t want that cut interrupted by anything getting in the way.

I should say that’s another reason I buy so many knives is because yes the glass will dull your blade quicker but you just snap the dull one off and keep going, no hiccups or interruptions.

If you can’t get your hands on a tempered piece of glass the next best thing is a metal surface, something hard that will allow your knife to glide over the necessary curves and points in your cloud.









You do not want to cut this thing out using wood! It will mess your design up because its soft and the knife will sink in parts and your cuts will be uneven, trust me on this.

The only way that using a piece of wood will work is if the wood is treated with polyurethane several layers which will make it similar to a piece of glass.

Make sure once you have the surface that’s going to work best for you, that you either clamp your card stock or poster board to the surface or tape it down so it doesn’t slip when you’re cutting, again no hiccups or interruptions will make your cloud amazing, perfect and re-usable again and again.

Me I personally prefer using painters tape as shown below.





Making A Handle For Your Stencil

Okay so at this point you should have your stencil cut out and looking pretty sweet ready to make clouds, well not quite yet ready but pretty darn close.

Your going to have to be able to lay this thing down on your picture and using your spray paint, dust in some white, grey, blue, or whatever color you want to make your clouds as your own as you are not restricted to traditional white ones.

But here in lies the problem after you’ve sprayed in your scene stealing cloud, you have to be able to pick up your stencil pretty quickly otherwise your new painting and your stencil will stick and ruin your artwork.

And we don’t want that! So you can take the same material you made the stencil out of and fold it at a 90 degree angle, tape it to the top of your stencil or anywhere that isn’t going to be in the way when you spray in this case your cloud.

Or You can, provided you have enough material on either side of your stencil just fold one side up at a 90 degree angle and reinforce it with an additional piece of card stock or tape just so long as it holds its shape and your now ready to make clouds!

When I learned this I was ecstatic! If you do this right its going to look so amazing and depending on what type of picture you are painting it can look so real, that’s one of things I love about it!

The picture below is one of mine experimenting with my template and playing around with different layers within the clouds.










Making A More Permanent Stencil

This is Me being me, when I learned how to make stencils using card stock I made a bunch consisting of all different things silhouettes, of couples, kids, balloons, etc.

But Me being me, kind of like Tim The Tool Man Taylor, I had to take it to the next level on a more permanent basis.

I started with one of my cloud stencils, traced the pattern onto a piece of rigid plastic I had acquired from one of my old jobs. Then I cut it out using my Dremel tool with a little titanium cutter blade, after it was cut out I used the sanding bit to deburr smooth out my stencil where it needed it.

I didn’t even have a particular picture painted or started when I tested it out. Just threw some color on a blank piece of poster board and whipped out some clouds!

It was awesome. So I decided to make all of my stencils out of this plastic and I don’t have to be as careful with them when handling or storing them.



Happy Cloud Making

Each time I write one of these articles I get excited and want to go to my studio and make another piece! The best way to describe art to me is, it is FUN!

Watching something manifest and materialize right before your eyes by your hand and imagination, that’s Awesome! I hope by this article that you are able to make awesome stencils and that they help and add to your pieces.

The sky is literally the limit. Happy Painting 🙂




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My Hope is you get value from these, and are able to expand your own artistic horizons and even make a full time career from your own art.



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