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As promised The Best of the best!


I went searching and I found The Originators of spray paint art, I have personally spoke with the creator and coach of this complete package deal.

Tutorials, videos, books, 1 on 1 coaching and every single thing you could want in regard to this amazing art!

Spray Paint Art Secrets  has it all, and you have access to all of it right here!

What if I told you that I found the complete Underground works devoted to the subculture of spray paint art techniques not only from The Originators but from the culture that originated the art.

Not many have access to this information this is something that will put you at the very top of the game as far as the quality of what’s taught. I have completely reviewed the information contained in these videos, and to be completely honest with you I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning!

As somebody who knows how to paint using spray paint, I felt like I was learning it for the very first time after checking all this out!

Every single thing offered here is available for download to keep forever, so you can have access to it anytime you want. Talk about the best thing ever.

I can respect if you have no interest in learning how to paint with spray paint, I totally understand when you have what you’re good at or what you like to do generally you don’t want to change completely what you’re doing.

Me I like to keep my artistic side open to trying new things to explore different possibilities which will give me a fresh outlook on what I’m already good at.

Because this website is dedicated to all art when I found this information I got so excited I couldn’t wait to share it with everybody who frequents this website.

When I first learned how to paint using spray paint, I would have loved to have had access to this video, actually these videos. There are quite a few of them. And a book explaining too much to explain it

This package covers literally every single thing you could want to learn to make amazing pieces of art using Spray Paint Art Secrets

It’s not just how to make a few planets and some stars and some galaxies.

You can make waterfalls, mountains and trees, skylines and architecture,

silhouettes, still life, sunsets, and so much more!


2nd one I ever did!






That’s the nice thing about Spray Paint Art Secrets is not only do they teach you these high-end techniques that the pros are using, these pros using this skill are making money every single day of the week! they’re at carnivals, and fairs, and shows, Art expose’ around the street they’re all over the place.


You’ve seen the videos where they whip the piece of art out in a matter of seconds or no longer than 5 minutes and the whole thing is done and the completed piece looks like it took several hours to do it.

I remember the first time I tried doing it before I was even taught how to do it. I was thinking this can’t be that hard, I just watched them do it, and then I come to find out that there’s more to it then just spraying some paint on a Canvas and wiping a piece of paper or something over it to make the different textures.

There’s a lot to it! That’s why in my opinion this is just an amazing thing to get your hands on! With these things you’ll be whipping out art pieces just like the pros!

I know me I personally can’t wait, Christmas is right around the corner and I will be making paintings for my family my friends some coworkers, and of course selling more!

That was pretty exciting to me when I sold my first painting, and the crazy thing is when other people see somebody buy a painting from you they either know somebody that wants one or they themselves want one done as well.

It’s pretty cool because now I’ll be able to do those exact request that people make, and believe me I have had some weird ones from some people. My fiance’s sister wanted me to paint a Minotaur…lol

What the heck do you want a picture of a Minotaur for, but I don’t judge. I just paint, and I love doing it.

Well anyways I just wanted to give everybody the opportunity to have access to this really amazing package that is 100% the real deal!

I wouldn’t promote anything on this website that I won’t use myself. And this by far as one of the most amazing best things I ever found!

And like I say on the very first page of my website if you’re an artist we love you, and we love your right to expression, and the uniqueness of your art, and the story that it brings.

because every single one of us is unique and just has that special ability to bring the imagery that we have in our heads using our hands and are techniques into play.

And please feel free to comment anything that you read or see here, especially if you like something, or something that you’ve purchased on this site, or even another site. I would love to hear your opinion of it or even see some pictures of what it has helped you to create.

I myself will be putting my pictures of my art on this website, I don’t want just my pictures on here though, I want as many pictures of as many artists from all over the globe that we can get on here with a conversation going on with all of us.

Deal? I can’t see if you’re agreeing or not but I’m going to assume you are 🙂

I really hope you enjoy this site and this flipping awesome package deal!


Spray Paint Art Secrets Take It To The Next Level

Oh did I mention it also includes a coaching lesson from the artist teaching these techniques! Oh wait yes I did didn’t I? Well I felt it was worth mentioning twice that’s how flipping awesome it is!


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    What a great post. I had no idea about the history of spray painting. A possible suggestion is that the pics are a little small for the size of the page and post so you could get away with larger pictures. Otherwise it all looks good and it was interesting to read.

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