Wooden Art Easel

Product:¬†Creative Mark Carolina Artist’s H-Frame Wooden Studio Art Easel Review
Price: $149.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Size: Base (22″x 24″) Adjusts from 60″ to 102″ Max height
Shipping: Choice of free shipping at checkout
My Rating: Pro-Quality

As promised I will deliver the best that I can find so that you can achieve the highest and best results with your art.

Well I believe I have found the best, most cost effective, professional and high grade art easel out there.

In my opinion I believe that this wooden art easel will do what you need it to do for whatever size picture that you are painting or drawing, of course unless it’s a wall sized mural..lol

It’s art studio quality, and fully adjustable.

This wooden art easel is designed so that you can work sitting or standing.

It’s handcrafted and made to withstand some abuse over the years. Because the wood is seasoned with oil it can withstand weathering for years and years.

It comes equipped with a 22-inch utility shelf for your supplies most often used. Right there where you can get at em asap.

It has a very well constructed base of (22″ X 24″). Is also designed to adjust to any angle, for your convenience.

It has grips that will hold your canvas in place so that it won’t slip on ya causing any mistakes, and the grips won’t dent or marr your canvas.

My professional opinion this thing has everything that you could want in a wooden art easel to make hundreds of paintings.

You can use this for oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, sketching, and it has forward tilting so that you can actually lay your poster board down to also do spray paint art!

And obviously if you already own something like this don’t buy it, but for those that need something like this I think this would definitely be worth it.

Click the image below to get this awesome tool.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

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